February 13th 2018

This past weekend we moved into our new studio at the Cotton Factory in Hamilton, ON! Super excited to be a part of this creative community and to call this beautiful building home.

February 13th 2018

We recently had the opportunity to travel down to Chicago, Illinois to paint 3700 square feet of wall space at the Landmark Century Cinema building. Here are some photos of our favourite walls from the trip!

December 6th, 2017

Since 2013, CEC has transformed from hats and t-shirts to culture and experiences, and allowed us to travel to different destinations across North America. In turn, this has given us the opportunity to meet some of the most genuine folks along the way. Below we have posted some of our favourite memories from the past four years. Here's to four more!

The first design ever pressed. 2013

Hands on since the jump. 2014

Montana Made Music & Arts Festival, 2014.

This was our first time ever setting up a booth at an event. Note the pallets holding up an old door that served as our table, and the dirty old tarp that was our tent. Priceless.

Warped Tour 2014, Toronto, ON

Rifflandia Festival 2017, Victoria, BC

Sewing at the booth. Rifflandia Festival 2017, Victoria, BC

Crashing at our sponsored rider Lorne Scanlans for the night in Chilliwack, BC 2017

Revelstoke, BC 2017

The smoothest of chickens getting it in a Toronto parking garage. 2016

Venice Beach, CA. 2017

Pizza Face. 2017

Collective Arts Can Submission. 2017

John Humm. UK 2015

Stormy Knight/Poetic Intelligence. Montana 2015

Adam Bates and Darian Poisson. Atlanta, Georgia 2017

Adam Bates. Burlington, Ontario 2017

St. Catharines, Ontario 2017


November 22nd 2017

For every beanie sold this Winter we are donating one to a youth in need via Living Rock. Living Rock Ministries is a non-profit organization reaching out in the cultural language of youth since 1985. Living Rock offers youth-at-risk a place of belonging, safety and a bridge to the community, while supporting youth to develop a personal vision for their lives.


November 15th 2017

Darian Poisson and Adam Bates recently took part in the Graffiti Contest at the Deli Shop skatepark in Hamilton. Here's a shot of Tyler Debathe straight crookin' across the piece they painted.


November 12th 2017

This past September we had the opportunity to drive across the country for the 10th anniversary of the Rifflandia Music Festival in Victoria, BC. Here's a collection of clips from our travels!