who are we though?

Clear Eyes Collective is a group of creative individuals with a main objective of bringing artistic beauty to every corner of the community through painting murals. As a group we find inspiration in each other and the city that we live in. Common themes in our work include various elements of nature, pop/street culture and an animated style that is coloured with psychedelic overtones.

our mission

The artists of CEC have but one goal: to integrate the mysterious power of art into the plain urban cityscape which is generally absent of colour and creativity. The street artist roams through the city streets, not as a bystander, but bearing the torch of beauty and colour. Transforming the regular cement and brick buildings into a gallery. As a collective we hope to do what we love and open communities to the idea of using art to bring people together.

why street art?

Artists can make a public statement about the society in which they create, or simply bring more beauty to its walls. As community members and artists we strive to bring flavour and style to the spaces in which we live and interact. This means educating business owners and city officials on the power of street art. The more walls that artists are hired to paint, the more the city environment will be transformed into a brighter place to be. This has an overall positive effect on the community. Art attracts tourists. The more that visitors are drawn to our cities, the more local businesses will prosper. When a wall is covered in respectable art, it acts as a deterrent for extreme vandalism and is a better prevention method then just covering it up or trying to catch the vandals.

In addition, art captivates people. Community members will be more proud and delighted with the streets in which they travel so frequently if they were brought to life through art.